EMA Consulting Services
The Network Services Provided by EMA are as follows:

Process of Mapping Solutions to Technology and UC Study

  • Define functional requirements.
  • Define technical requirements.
  • Map requirements to technology solutions.
  • Create Statement of Work.
  • Implement systems integration.
  • Track and monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI) aligned to financial
    Return on Investment (ROI) model.
  • Build proof-of-concept pilot project to determine risks.
  • Prepare Request for Proposals (RFP).

Network Design and Security Risk Study

  • What is the age of equipment ?
  • Does network support Quality of Service ?
  • WAN considerations ?
  • Do you need a multi-layered security assessment ?
  • Disaster recovery requirements ?
  • Identify the business applications for UC enablement.
  • Traffic analysis.
  • Network management capabilities.
  • IP Telephony requirements with PoE.
Contact EMA for your network services:

Mike Abboud - Network Engineer

Tel: 613-237-4409

Assess your network to identify
changes required to install Unified

Design the office network to build
the foundation for Unified
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